Vinyl Record Face began in the winter of 2009, when the bitter Antarctic winds kept me confined inside my seaside home – suffering from equal parts cabin-fever, and nostalgia for the summer of my early adolescence. Music provided an escape. I had been scribbling down record reviews and other ramblings (generally regarding the state of contemporary music) on the back of dated tax-invoices, the corner of my desk, and on the Christic pages of the handouts of eager Mormon pamphleteers. My wayward thoughts were, on a whole, fleeting and transient, so I took to penning them the minute they occurred – thus the unconventionality of my documentation. I decided that I required a more efficient, secure and respectable way of archiving my musings, so I jumped on the blogging bandwagon and haven’t looked back since. What started out as a Blogspot page, gradually morphed into a WordPress site due to the HTML/CSS compatibility and overall sophistication of the latter.

Vinyl Record Face acts a platform for me to wax lyrical about music, culture, and society as a whole. It allows me to keep all of my work in one place, and to share my art (yes, I consider my articles art) with the world. What started as a passion project for me, has slowly turned into one of the more refined and articulate music sites around, and has accrued a loyal following of readers who share my esoteric tastes.

Vinyl Record Face has been:

  • Nominated for The Webby Award of “Music Blog of the Year”
  • Viewed 3,000 times in a single week
  • Tweeted, blogged, written and talked about by people from across the world
  • Called the “best source of music-related content on the web” (though the person who said this has chosen to remain anonymous…)

 …Ok that last one was me.


“I like to write about music.”

This simple sentence is the root of so many things that I have experienced in life – from backstage access to stadium concerts, to red-carpet treatment at major award shows, to getting paid to state my opinion, to having my work published in international magazines, to receiving hundreds of promotional CDs in the mail. I love music, and my passion infuses my writing. I also enjoy obsessively specific list-making…

10 things I enjoy more than obsessively specific list-making:

  1. The smell of rain drying on hot asphalt
  2. Beautiful typography
  3. Wes Anderson films
  4. Anything with a ‘post’ prefix (see: postmodernism or post-empire)
  5. Hotel roomkeys
  6. Hitchcock cameos
  7. The aesthetic of the cosmos
  8. Referring to myself in the third-person
  9. ’80s-era Members Only jackets
  10. Nicholas Cage losing his shit
  11. Wes Anderson films

Autobiography anyone? My memories begin with the new millennium, the rampant fear of the Y2K hoax and the preternatural excitement of two thousand years gone by. Of the pre-aught decade I remember very little: ephemeral ghostly webs of images, undeniably dreamlike phantasms of a grunge era. I’m nostalgic for the ‘90s: a decade where pop culture reached its final point of innovation. I dislike cultural regression.

5 things I dislike more than cultural regression:

  1. Inappropriate use of typeface (see: Comic Sans)
  2. Post-1980s John Hughes
  3. Facebook exhibitionism
  4. Contemporary R&B
  5. Bryan Wilson comparisons in music journalism (yes, it sounds a little bit ‘surfy.’ No, it doesn’t recall the halcyon days of ‘60s pop and Beach Boys’ harmonies.)

Lukas considers himself a postmodern renaissance man, and is vaguely respected as a music critic. His musings have found themselves into a wide range of international magazines and a variety of credible websites. For no particular reason, he feels as if he should list his favorite musical artists that begin with the letter ‘B.’

  • The Beatles
  • Bon Iver
  • Bob Dylan
  • Bishop Allen
  • Buddy Holly

I love to write, and aside from music articles, I indulge in poetry, short stories and the odd song lyric. I attempt to capture a sense of integrity and eloquence in my style, and hope I don’t come off sounding like a contentious cognoscente (although I know I do).

1 publication I religiously submit work to, and will continue to, until they accept my writing:

  1. The New Yorker

Vinyl Record Face is an aggregator of all my work from many different websites and publications. As well as maintaining this site, I occupy a variety of positions at other locations. Below are a selection of websites, magazines and online publications that regularly feature my work – follow the image links to discover more content:







I also co-founded FONDLE Magazine, and currently serve as Editor-In-Chief.

Based in Los Angeles, FONDLE Magazine is art in its truest sense, and my ultimate goal with the publication is to bring a small piece of beauty into the world. Print has never been more alive… Follow the link below, and find information regarding issues, apparel, distribution and more:


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