I write a number of weekly columns for Get Frank and Chelsey. Below are a preview of my columns, but be sure to also check out the two aforementioned sites for a full selection of content.

Between the drivel of mainstream radio, and the pretension of MySpace fanatics, lie a number of excellent musicians waiting to be discovered by a larger audience. With In The Spotlight, I delve into the independent music world to introduce to you a selection of bands that deserve recognition. These acts are little-known, yet extremely talented – and are now thrust out of the dark and put In The Spotlight.

Spotlight on Brett Gleason
Spotlight on 2 a.m. Orchestra
Spotlight on Bandicoot
Spotlight on ist

On Vinyl, Music Piracy and MGMT

On Twilight, Cynicism and Music Criticism

On The Beatles, Nazis and Justin Bieber

On Toenails, Codeine and Musical Therapy

On Nihilism, The Black Eyed Peas and The Clash

Fresh Cuts sorts through the fatty and stringy, and presents you with only the most tender and juicy music around…

CANT and Crazy P

The Big Pink and The Internet

Listomania presents the best and worst of pop culture in consumable list form. The rapid acceleration of technology and the advent of social media has completely changed the way humans organize their internal thoughts. We no longer think in prose, or even full sentences; we think in lists…

5 Exceptionally Good Cover Songs

The Best and Worst Album Art of 2009 


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